Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Kotb is an associate professor of ear, nose & throat surgery in Fayoum University Teaching Hospitals, Egypt.

He has a long experience in teaching. He usually uses modern teaching techniques in an attractive way for both the under and post-graduate in medical & nursing schools. He has a huge library of video clips & pictures for most of the diseases.

Dr Kotb is a specialized consultant in the field of endoscopic sinus & skull base surgery as well as advanced microscopic ear surgeries. He is one of the top-rated surgeons in his field in Egypt

Dr Kotb is well known by his accurate and precise patient examination with the help of modern diagnostic tools as nasal & laryngeal endoscopes. His reputation depends on his patience, good manner as well as good patients reception as he is a good listener to patient`s complaint & he puts into consideration his psychic aspects. He usually explains the disease to the patient & discusses with him the best treatment options putting into consideration the financial circumstances.